NEWS BRIEF: " 'Tamiflu turned my children into hallucinating, sobbing wrecks' ", by Richard Price, Daily News, 13 August 2009

After a British TV anchorman nearly lost his two young children to Tamiflu, he called the British Health Secretary to invite him to his show to talk about the effectiveness and safety of this vaccine.
This TV star literally set an ambush for the Health Secretary! We should all take notice of this experience because millions of us are soon going to have to make the decision for our young children - their lives could literally be at stake.

How to defeat the worst tyrany to this day

Fighting the worst tyrany of all times

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Where is the world heading to ?


Even though it has never been possible to answer this question in the past, and it still probably is, the forceful shaping of the NEW WORLD ORDER is sufficiently well organised by powerful actors for us to detect the trend.

A lot of media spin and a skillfull management of oponents on all kinds of conflicts definitely prevent us from discerning THE BIG PICTURE.

This website is trying to modestly go beyond the modern culture of confusion, passivity and demoralization of citizens by inviting all of us to commit to awaken our emotions and sense of indignation, and our resolve to taking actions.


It rests on the firm belief that if a sufficient kernel of citizens from all latitudes decides to fight back, both by spiritual concentration and concrete actions, we might be able to repel this horrible attempt to establish and lock the WORST TYRANY OF ALL TIMES.

A) In short, as our world enters the decaying part of the fouth phase of social cycles (see Social cycles for an explanation of their dialectics) , the one dominated by mercantilism, the powers that strive with this form of life have recently finished their takeover over the three other components of society : short-minded workforce, military & charismatic might, intellectual & spiritual strength, thus engulfing in their project of absolute dominion the secret societies who, in other times and aware of these cycles normaly thrive to remain undomitable under any of the 4 powers. Secret societies from ancient times have always attempted to emulate in society at large the role of the soul in the body... the holder of identity, of the ultimate sense of being and the seat of consciousness. One of the reasons they now fell prey to the ruling force of the moment (the merchants, the materialists) is that we are in the middle of a much longer cycle that the hindus call the Kali Yuga, where materialism is occupying the forefront of our preoccupations. The combination of the pressures from the long and the short cycle is thus susceptible of really corrupting the spiritual role of societies of secret lore.

B) But if that where not enough, the astounding technological progress we have been witnessing of late, in part due to the stong emphasis on materialism as stated above, is also the result of a self-reinforcing interaction with non-human races as will be demonstrated abundantly in this website. These entities have an agenda of their own and cycles of their own that we ignore so far, and it seems vital for them to raise us to comparable levels of technology, still keeping us inferior, in order to be able to use us at all. Here we have something reminiscent of North American technological policy towards the rest of the world, or, even better, of the tale of the creation of man by the Sumerians, echoed by the Bible, where an advanced animal was to be created in order to serve the gods while they would have no use of the pre-hominid species running on the earth. These entities might well have been the godly figures of all our religions as they often took care to mix assertion of their rulership with teachings of scientific and moral import, sometimes resulting in a "do what I say, not what I do" and men of valour would always be found to polish and elaborate very appealing corpuses of morality around that.

C) Now, the powers of money at the pinacle of their strength, cloacked in the garments of the soul of the planet in these secret societies entered a sort of a "pact of the devil" with the non-human entities by offering them the keys and means to "softly but surely" take over the rulership of our planet, notably by allowing and even protecting a huge program of hybridisation (just recall what the nazis were capable of doing in terms of reproduction). In that scheme they would be assured to retain the "share of the lion" by staying as an elite group, allowing the rest of humanity to be massively eliminated and enslaved. In order to ensure a symbolic envelope of rulership this is being presented to us as a new form of "Noah's ark" project where a selected part of humanity will have to enter a subteranean world in order to ensure the survival of our humanity from an impending huge catastrophe related to the passing by of a celestial body mentioned in ancient lore, called Nibiru (see ...)

D) As with the fight against nazism, all men of spiritual clout are called to fight this, taking good note that there is no law of the universe that prevents that from happening, no granted protection, but that there are instead higher forces to grasp in the spiritual realm that are capable of thwarting this calamity. The fight needs to unravel both at the spiritual level AND at the very tangible military and socio-economic levels because it is obvious that this time even coordinated general strikes won't suffice to break the neck of this organised crime since they would immediately resort to their incredible tools of oppression as soon as any kind of insurection would begin. But we definitely have to break their monopolies on extraction, production, distribution, banking and media AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and restore the rule of law and democracy in renewed format and shun away from gigantic sizes of legislative territories where no population is ever going to be able to govern anything (see...).



Don't panic nor obsess on it, because that would certainly help their dominion to succeed, but please realize the amplitude of the task and start to orient your inner resolve and vision of a better world towards actions or even wishes of actions. Anyway most of us have been informed all along ths past century about this growing tyrany, so all this should not surprise us, on the contrary : now that they are so sure of their success the clear information is out and it makes it easier to fight. And don't forget : every challenge that comes upon us is of the same magnitude as the good that is awaiting behind it ! So here we must be really talking about a definite growth of consciousness that is there to stay and a humanity that masters most of the plagues that defeated her in the past !!!


The cell.


Illuminati & non democratic elites

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Since times immemorial,...


How the ILLUMINATI made Obama President 1/9

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