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Heart Puffs

Small things‧Big wonders

A heartwarming journey 


Trauma-Informed Care Short Stories

A series of inspirational stories offer comfort and peace for kids, and make them feel secured, safety, and healing during the crisis of pandemic.




What is our heart like? Our heart is a magical land full of hidden gems.

There is a place called “Heart Puff Land”, like earth where has blue oceans, mountains, forests, rivers, villages, and planets with different landforms, but the most amazing existing is the original inhabitants called “Heart Puffs.”

The mission of Heart Puffs is to guard and protect vital values of humans’ hearts. The Puffs often travel between Heart Puff Land and human world to save wounded hearts, rescue the loss of love, hope, and kindness etc., so that the dark power will never have a chance to smuggle hidden gems and take control of humans.

Teardrop Monster and Heart Puffs

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Meet Teardrop! 

Teardrop is a monster with teardrops hanging. Although Teardrop is a monster, living outside of human world, he is a monster with an extremely tender heart and a lot of love towards the world. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Teardrop feels that he can relate to the feelings of humans and often cries for them.

In a series of short stories, we will walk through the emotional hardship with Teardrop so that we can all feel be understood and connected with one another. Teardrop and his companies—Heart Puffs try hard to find solutions to navigate through the times of uncertainties and remain hopeful. Through the entire journey, Teardrop will eventually find the courage to leave his “Sadness Zone” and start a BRIGHT way of living!

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Heart Puffs Family