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Jackie Chan

I'm Jackie Chan, I've been making movies for more than 50 years. When I got the Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award, I was thankful to be a filmmaker, I was very glad to be Chinese, and proud to be part of a global organization; FOCUS. I believe Chinese people can be an important force in human civilization and environmental well-being in the future, so I wanted to do something that will inspire people to discuss, think and value the well-being of planet earth and humanity. After speaking with my creative team, we decided to launch an event dedicated to helping create a healthy civilization and a healthy environment for mankind.

We launched FOCUS with this in mind; an ongoing conversation about how the east will help care for ecology, society, and the world. 


My team and I have worked hard on bringing about a positive impact on the world around us. In the past, we did not make this information public because we did not think we needed to. However, we have started to see more and more people around us also bringing about positive change. We’d like to bring everyone together, so that we can learn from one another, be inspired and guided by each other’s experiences, and together, have an even greater impact than we ever could alone. We can demonstrate that human beings, when they work together, have enough wisdom to save this planet, and allow the civilization within it to bloom.


“Focus” is like a relay race, I'm just the first stick to start, and now we invite you to pick up the next stick.  Regardless of your age, race, or nationality, I look forward to handing you the next stick. The planet will be better in our hands. And if we should have any shortcomings, i trust we can improve upon them, because as human beings, we have enough wisdom and will to do so.


Thank you for visiting this site, and thank you for your continued dedication.

We Are Focus

social responsibility & environmental protection

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